Eva Longoria Shuts the Door on Plastic Water Bottles


Eva Longoria does not consider plastic water bottles to be a matter of joke. The “Desperate Housewives” actress does not have disposable water bottles in her home. She even mentioned that water is our future and that the plastic isn’t, during a special event at Brita Burbank. The company was celebrating its donation of water filtration dispensers and pitchers to different YMCA facilities located all around the U.S.

While Longoria was promoting her cause as the kids were creating their own water in the flavor of fruit, she talked about the importance of not using plastic water bottles. She said that since so many of them always ends up in the ocean she decided to ban them completely from her house.

She continued by saying that plastic water bottles are not a part of her future. She also said that she loves the spirit and energy and the innocence she sees in kids. And it is important for her to talk about this topic on water with them because she believes it would stay with them.

Eva Longoria, who is also the producer of “Devious Maids”, is an avid exerciser and an activist. She finds a number of benefits from water and also said that water is not a boring clear liquid. Her description of H20 was really different from the one we all have heard from elsewhere.

According to her, water is an original energy drink. She also said that water is really good for everyone and that water can be fun.

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