Green Cars vs Conventional Petrol or Diesel Cars in Today’s World

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The green car is a car that is said to be eco-friendly and has very little effect on the environment. A conventional car, on the other hand, is a car that uses an engine that operates on liquid propellant (fuel) combustion. Cars these days mostly use Fossil fuels. They have an adverse impact on the environment. When fossil fuels burn, they release Greenhouse gases to the atmosphere that facilitate global warming. A green car uses either very little petrol or renewable sources of energy to function. The fact that green cars use renewable sources of energy mainly makes them even friendlier to the environment. Regular cars use fuel that is originally extracted from crude oil, which is a non-renewable source of energy.

Types of Green Cars Available in the Market

There are different types of green cars in the market today. They are all driven by various renewable sources of energy. They are categorized in regards to the energy source that propels them. They are as follows:

hydrogen carHydrogen Cars

The primary source of energy for hydrogen cars is hydrogen and oxygen. These are sourced from the air. Only a few of these cars have been produced lately. Hydrogen cars use two ways to power engines.

Primarily, through the burning of hydrogen in engines of cars, same way fossil fuels are burnt in conventional cars. This is called combustion convention.

Secondly, internal electric motors are powered by electricity produced by fuel cells through the use of hydrogen. This is called fuel-cell convention.

Solar Cars

These cars use solar power as the primary source of energy to generate movement for the car. The surface of the car has got solar panels that convert solar energy into electric energy that is later used to create movement for the car. These cars do not produce exhaust fumes at all and they are not as loud as traditional cars.

Hybrid Cars

These cars use both a combustion engine and a motor that is driven by electricity to produce motion. Batteries power the electric motors. The combustion engines, on the other hand, use very little petroleum (way less than what normal cars use). This leads to less pollution to the environment. The batteries of the car are recharged by the combustion engine and not an external source. They do not facilitate noise pollution as much as regular cars do and their combustion engines are not as heavy nor as huge as those found in conventional vehicles. This makes them less complicated and that means that they are easy to service. The braking systems of many hybrid cars recharge the battery pack when applied.

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Electric Cars

The electric motor is the primary source of energy to create motion for this vehicle. Chemical energy is stored in batteries that are rechargeable and this energy is then converted into electric energy that would then power the car into motion. No fumes are produced while this whole process and these cars produce very little noise as compared to conventional cars. Some battery packs of electric cars can be recharged using renewable sources of energy, this being another advantage of green cars in relation to care for the environment. Most electric cars have regenerative brakes, which recharge the battery during braking. The battery packs of electric cars usually go for hundreds of miles without the need to recharge them.

Disadvantages of Conventional Cars

• Conventional cars are loud and they, therefore, deprive people of a quiet environment.

• They use non-renewable sources of energy produced from crude oil, which lead to the exhaustion of crude oil.

• Production of petrol and diesel which powers conventional cars involves a process that leads to the pollution of the environment.

• Combustion of petrol and diesel from the engines of conventional cars leads to the production of greenhouse gases that promote global warming.

A Driving Test of both conventional cars and green cars has led to the opinion that green cars are less expensive to maintain. However, many people agree that it is very difficult to convince people to abandon their cars and start using green cars.

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