UST Global Pedals ‘Bike to the Mountains’ Cyclothon; Fort Kochi to Munnar on Bicycles

UST Global Munnar Cyclothon 2

UST Global, an information technology solutions and services company for Global 1000 enterprises, joined hands with the Taekwondo Association of Kerala (TAKE) and the Excise Department to organize a “Bike to the Mountains” Cyclothon, which aimed at promoting  healthy living, non-smoking and alcohol-free society, environment friendly transportation option and a step towards fulfilling India’s 2020 Olympic dream.

The cyclothon, which was flagged off from Fort Kochi on February 28, travelled up to the picturesque Munnar on March 1. Between Fort Kochi to Munnar, the team also stopped by major arts/science and engineering colleges to pass on the message it held aloft for the younger generation of today.

Cyclothon had as many as 20 participants from UST Global.  The primary objectives were to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports activities; promote cycle as a greener transport option, for fun, health and adventure; promote women’s empowerment; promote a healthy lifestyle without alcohol and tobacco, create awareness about lifestyle diseases and support organ donation; promote Taekwondo and its Olympic campaign; and open up an opportunity to explore the Geo, Social and cultural diversity of Kerala, for students and tourists.

The UST Global supported cyclothon covered a distance of 175 km after having started at 7.00 am from Fort Kochi,  on February 28, 2014  they reached Munnar  at 6.00 pm on March 01, which is at 1500m above sea level.

The idea stems from the fact that a social situation has emerged where in a generation of ’broiler children’ has taken birth. It is a known fact that physical ruggedness is the platform for mental strength. And today’s easy and effective option for physical ruggedness is to cycle, as it is an excellent form of exercise, second to swimming.

Shine Varghese, Associate Software Architect at UST Global’s Kochi Campus, who is coordinating the effort within the company,  is a great champion of a healthy outdoorsy lifestyle.

He says:  “I have been a part of TAKE for the past 7 years (practicing Taekwondo for the past 18 years), so luckily I’ve been into some form of fitness for the longest time. But when I look around, I find that fitting in physical activity into a techie’s lifestyle is really quite difficult, after a hard day’s work the last thing you want to do is go to a stuffy gym. Instead, fitting in exercise into your daily life becomes easier when you make a lifestyle choice, like deciding to cycle to work on at least 2 days a week, or some small start like that. Before you know it,  you’d be getting more exercise than ever and you’d be enjoying it too. So when TAKE came up with this idea, I jumped right in to help them promote it within the UST Global employee community. I hope by taking part, more people from UST Global  will be inspired to adopt cycling as a regular healthy lifestyle choice, and to enjoy active weekend getaways too.”

The cyclothon was created by the Taekwondo Association of Kerala with support from UST Global, other corporates and academic institutions of Ernakulam.

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