Lighting Up Lives with Lightie; Ignites Hopes of a Better Tomorrow


When one half lives in light, how fair is it to shun the other half from its privileges? The world has progressed, and changes are inevitable. Serving humanity is like money on paper. They never have values until men with values are born.

We have cities crowned with light, and villages garlanded with darkness. Everyday two billion people are forced to live in complete darkness. Meanwhile, two million people die using paraffin lanterns and candies every year, and these toxins cost them 25% of their income.

South African Designer and Social Entrepreneur Michael Suttner has unmasked his solar powered light, designed and shaped to fit right into the neck of a standard soda bottle –Lightie. It literally means “youngster” in the South African Slang.

Lightie is s simple solution that can reduce the cost under $10. A state-of-the-art flexible solar panel, built into a durable, ruggedized acrylic housing, utilizing lithium battery technology, chargeable on both cloudy and rainy weather condition, giving an output of more than twelve times that of paraffin lanterns.


The components of the Lightie include an efficient CIGS photovoltaic panel, an LED light, and integrated rechargeable batteries. Following around five to eight hours of exposure to sunlight, the device produces illumination for up to three hours at 300 lumens, or up to eight hours at a reduced 120 lumens. It is quite user-friendly, and activates automatically when it detects that the sunset.

Though solar powered lanterns are common, the opportunity for sustainable, safe and affordable lighting for six hundred million people in Africa and two billion others worldwide has undoubtedly made Lightie to be the Ferrari .

Suttner is in preliminary talks with Coca Cola, a company certainly well positioned to run the kind of high-level campaign necessary to put the Lightie into the hands of those who need it most …….hoping for a better tomorrow.

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