How to Plan a Green Birthday Party in London

Green Birthday Party in London Party with a Purpose

With a typical kid’s birthday party, comes a lot of disposable stuff like plastic cups, balloons, and toys. And, all these end up in the landfill which turns ultimately harmful to Mother Nature. If your kid’s birthday is just round the corner, this time, throw a party with a purpose. Planning a birthday party that supports sustainability needn’t cost you the earth.

The motto of the party should be “having fun with friends” and not “getting gifts and goodies from them”. This time, set a healthy example in front of your kid and his friends. Here’s how to plan an eco-friendly birthday party that Mother Nature will thank you for.

Smaller the Better
When you host a small party, chances are that you won’t have to buy extra plastic cups, favours, streamers, and balloons. You can simply use your own silverware that can be reused over and again. And more than often, small gatherings turn out to be more memorable and fun. Your kid is around his best buddies and family members, making him feel comfortable. And all kids want out of their birthday party is fun. You can include a lot of activities to keep up the fun.

Party Venue
If your home is not spacious enough to accommodate your guests, why not celebrate right in the lap of nature. London is brimming with garden venues that strive to host your occasion. That’s quite an eco-friendly choice.

But you need to make sure that the venue is no too far. If your guests have to travel a lot of distance on a motor, the whole idea of “going green” falls flat. Being in proximity to Thames often prompts to host boat parties.

It may be tempting to host your party on a Thames boat, but the idea is not green. However, if you can find a cruise permanently moored on Thames, go for it. You can find some wonderful birthday venues in London at including gardens, marquee, cruises, and a lot more.

Repurpose Decorations
Instead of using balloons, streamers, and confetti, think of decorations that don’t cause harm to the environs. Choose a theme that gives you plenty of green choices like ‘Under the Sea’. You can use sea shells, stones, orchid, sand, and plants for decoration. Or why not create a little Hawaiian Island right in your birthday party venue in London .

Coconut shells, grass skirts, and flower garlands will serve as a perfect backdrop that Mother Nature will also fall in love with.

Instead of wasting paper, postage, and time, send e-invitations to guests. You can even create a video and email it to all your friends. Sending a video is also a great way to get the birthday child involved. has become quite a favourite amongst people for sending party invitations online. Otherwise, you can also call your guests up and invite them verbally. If you are still keen to send paper invites, use soy based ink on recycled paper.

Gift Swap
Instead of receiving the gifts, be kind to the earth and do a gift swap. Ask kids to bring a book from home that they would like to exchange. You can even make an activity out of it. Ask them to sit in a circle, put their books in the middle, and take out another one. Or ask them to pass their book twice to the left. It will make a great party favour too without purchasing anything new.

Eliminate Wrapping Paper
If swapping gifts or doing away with gifts altogether is not possible, at least make sure that wrapping paper is not used. Hide all the gifts and arrange a treasure hunt for your little one. Let the guests give him hints. Eliminating wrapping paper will save you a lot of time, money, and paper. Give out eco-friendly gifts like a potted plant, a book about how to save water, a handmade organic blanket, and so forth.

A Little Lesson
Make the most of the opportunity and teach your kid about giving. Each year she must have got plenty of toys that were forgotten in two minutes. Ask her to give some of them to the guests as party favours. The guests will surely appreciate the effort and will get something other than useless trinkets. Teach your little one that birthday is not just about what you get, it’s also about what you give.

When we think of birthday cakes, sheet cakes, frosting, and a lot of high fructose corn syrup comes to our mind. Tempting but not green! Prefer a homemade cake instead and a healthier one like carrot. And there is no rule that a birthday cake has to be a cake. Substitute it with muffins or pie made from organic fruit.

Skip drink boxes, canes, and soda altogether. Instead, serve lemonade, juices, organic milk, or whatever that you can serve out of jugs. Serve the beverages in paper cups or silverware instead of plastic ones and avoid providing straws too.

If your kid’s birthday is knocking at your door, make sure you consider a green birthday party this time around. If you are in London, make your kid’s birthday party more meaningful and kind on the planet with these green party ideas and tips.

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