Great Home Decor Ideas by Recycling Things Around You


It’s a great idea to reuse the little things around you and turn it into an eye catchy home decor accessory. They don’t just add that zing in your home decor but are extremely useful as well. You save money, end up throwing less stuff outside the house, and manage to make your home a great example of good home decor. Here are some quick tips. 1. Make pillow covers and cushion covers from your old tee. Imagine having number of wonderful colored covers at just few hours of time investment and zero money. Take out all those tee shirts you bought on occasions and festivals. Cut them and sew them up into cushion covers. You will have a variety of covers now.

 2. So your briefcase has worn out and become too old to carry around. Don’t sell it off for scrap. Instead use it to make it a bed for your pet. Remove the upper half of the briefcase, and throw in something soft and stuffed. Your cat or pup will love this bed.

 3. Plastic bottles are one of the most necessary items that need to be reused. Cut the upper half of the bottle, fill in some soil, dig in some seeds, get sunshine and water and watch your plant grow in a plastic bottle indeed.

 4. Similarly, you can use your old shoes to grow plants in them. Don’t have enough garden space? Then do something good for the environment by placing these plants out somewhere and let it grow with other plants.

 5. Make your own placemats. Those old photographs will not turn vintage anymore. You can recycle your greeting cards or photographs into placemats. Just hit a local photo customisation store and they will use all these materials for a dining table placemat.

 6. Take those wine bottle up high on the ceiling by stuffing in some light. Easily turn your dining table into the perfect spot of a cozy date with these lights in evening. You can also recycle wine bottle corks into a corkboard. If you search a little more, then you will find ways to turn any bottle into a lamp.

 7. You would be surprised to know that you can make bowls out of Vinyl records. And what if you get to know you can make a Salvador Dali clock too. That would surely make your guests question you the secret behind it.

 8. Plastic bottles can also be turned into candy dishes and great vases. The most brilliant part is that it will never shatter. So no extra care is needed for these vases.

 9. Turn old drink cartons into baskets. They can act great for some storage area. You can even decoupage on them to make it look creative and suit your home decor.

 10. Your guitar strings can be used as a work of art. Just shape it in a way that it looks good when placed inside a vase. Attach some flowers, combine it with fake flowers and maybe even paint that string with some color. Your vase is ready.

 11. Old suits can be used as alphabet pillows. This will be loved by kids inside the home. Make a stuffed pillow in the shape of an alphabet and cover it up with an old suit cloth. Let the pockets and buttons remain on it for a retro effect.

 12. With the help of reclaimed barnwood you can make a photo frame. You can easily source this wood and with careful sanding and carpentry, you can make a wooden frame out of it.

 While you buy your home decor items, home appliances online, or even throwing something away from your home, think about if you can recycle it, or make something at home instead of buying something new. Buying home appliances online or home decor items will cost you more, whereas simple ideas like these will help you save up a lot.

The writer Steffy Paul is an author and columnist and loves writing about home decor. She is a decor blogger by hobby and often guides people on redoing their home. When she is not writing, she is found searching for newer home appliances online, that can make her life easier in kitchen.

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