How to Decorate Your Home Using Recycled Materials

There is an entire section of people who believe that decorating their home will end up burning a massive hole in their pockets. In most cases, this stands true as there are several aspects of the home that need to be looked after like purchasing the right pillow cases, selecting the right shelves to go in the kitchen and even selecting the right rug. However, what you do fail to realize is the fact that most of the interior design St. Louis can be achieved right at the comfort of your home without you having to spend even a single penny on these. Intrigued? Read on to find out how.


Use your worn out boots as vases for plants:

If you love adorning your home or your backyard with exotic as well as native plants, you may want to place them in a vase that can offer the right amount of comfort and protection to these greens. In any usual circumstance, you may venture to your nearest supermarket to hunt for the perfect vase when in reality; the right vase was sitting in your closet all along. Everyone owns a pair of boots that they no longer prefer to wear. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is use your worn out boots for planting little herbs and plants that will not only add to the greenery but will also make a statement in terms of home decor.

Use the milk crate for multipurpose:

If your family loves beginning the day with cereal and milk, there is ought to be a horde of milk crates lying somewhere in your basement. You may not realize it but this sturdy case can be used for far more purposes than simply lying in your basement. This milk crate not only helps you accommodate things but also makes it look elegant at the same time. The idea is to use a spray paint that matches with the theme of your home. You can then affix it on the wall so that your little ones can collect all their toys in this crate –turned – toy box.


Put your old t-shirts and sweaters to good use:

If you are considering throwing away your old clothes in order to make place for a spanking new wardrobe, think again. In any usual circumstance, a simple couce, with no added accessories can make it look seemingly dull and stodgy. However, if you throw in a couple of throw pillows of varying sizes and a matching colour scheme, it suffuses it with a certain freshness that is hard not to notice. The same goes for a bedroom. This is where your old t-shirts and sweaters can come into the picture. Using them to make pillows of different sizes and colours can add oodles of style to your home and can take interior design St. Louis to a whole new level.


Do not throw away the worn out guitar strings:

If you have recently replaced the strings on your guitar, you may be considering throwing away the old ones into the trash can. Instead, consider keeping them and using them to create interesting art work that will look as expensive as the store bought varieties and will have your guests swooning over it. Use green coloured washi tape to cover the strings and attach artificial flowers and leaves to these strings. Place them in inexpensive glasses and you have a centrepiece that will look unbelievably beautiful.

Home decor is not a herculean task and all you need is some simple ideas that will transform your ordinary home into an extraordinary haven.

Linda Stuart, the author of this post, is an interior designer working in collaboration with a company specializing in interior design St. Louis. She has previously worked for some well known personalities and continues to offer her services at unparalleled levels.

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