How to Buy the Perfect Eco-friendly Home Security System for Your Eco-friendly Home

You cannot call your home a green home or an eco friendly one if any other component installed for the betterment of the same does not add on to it. Therefore, to enjoy the benefits and to proudly claim the eco friendliness of your home, something as unexpected as the home security system must also be taken into account keeping the environment conditions in mind. With the advent of technology and most of the activities being centred on it, experts have come up with interesting ideas that incorporate technology with green ethics and this rule applies to home security as well. Any local ADT would vouch for this fact and you can now shop around for a security system that will comply with the eco friendliness of your home. However, if you do happen to face any issues, you can always fall back on these nifty little ideas that will help you shop for just the right green home security system.


1.)   Opt for a smart home lighting system:

When you are hunting for the perfect home security system, your aim is to maximise the benefits while minimizing energy usage. Usually, when you are away from home for a longer period of time, you tend to keep the lights on so that an intruder may not get the hint that you are away and the presence of light gives the idea that the home is not empty. However, this activity, while may keep your home safe will add on to your electricity bills and waste an immense amount of energy. To counter this problem you can opt for smart lighting that uses a random period of time to switch the light on and then automatically switches it off only to switch it back on again after a certain period of time. Not only does this help save energy but also keeps your home secure.

2.)   Motion detecting lights work wonders:

If you have a massive lawn that your love adoring you are likely to place floodlights as well especially in the nooks and crannies and around the bushes where intruders can easily find their way. While this is a good practice to keep thieves and burglars at bay, it is likely to cause way too much wastage in the energy department and is certainly not an eco friendly home security option. Instead, motion detector lights can not only help save energy but are likely to put a burglar in the spot as the sudden going on of the lights will give them the impression that they’ve been caught red handed and will run towards the exit at the earliest. These motion detectors are now also available on solar power thanks to the immense progress being made in the field of technology.

3.)   Buy systems that have been created specifically using recycled materials:

The trend of recycling is catching up with people and companies alike and the security companies are no stranger to this as well. Therefore, you must select those home security companies that offer the most reliable home security services using reused and recycled products so as to keep wastage to a minimum and to make the most of existing resources.

4.)   Be friendly with your neighbours:

This can easily be considered one of the best and most effective home security solutions if you cannot get access to the local ADT. Being on friendly terms with your neighbours will ensure that they keep an eye out for your home at all times and collect the daily newspaper, other flyers and the likes that are likely to be dropped at your doorstep so as to not give an intruder the idea that you are away from home.

Chris Mark, the author of this post, works at a local ADT and is also a renowned social media blogger on the internet. He loves to write on topics of social media. He is also a professional writer and loves writing on security topics for a media company. 

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