Ayurveda Conclave to Play Host to Leading Luminaries in Research and Healthcare


A galaxy of reputed international speakers, who have carved a name in the field of research and healthcare, will be among the speakers at the Global Ayurveda Festival 2014, which will begin at Kochi in Kerala, on February 20.

It is expected that the upcoming conclave of researchers and practitioners would be fortunate enough to host Nobel Laureate Dr Peter Agre, leading health care researcher and best-selling author Dr Dean Ornish, Neurology and complementary medicine researcher Dr Horst Pzuntek, one of Australia’s foremost pioneers of complementary medicine Dr Marc Cohen and a host of other luminaries.

The largest ever conclave of Ayurveda practitioners and researchers will bring to the podium more speakers of international repute, apart from a long list of Indian Ayurveda greats.

Dr Peter Agre, the American physician, professor and molecular biologist, had won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry back in 2003 for his discovery of aquaporins. Dr Dean Ornish is a leading author and researcher in healthcare and serves as advisor to some of the world’s most powerful leaders. He is the founder and president of Preventive Medicine Research Institute, a non-profit based in Sausalito, California. He is also a clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

Besides, Dr Gerry Bodekar, who researches and advises on international public policy on traditional, complementary and alternative medicine (TCAM) UK, Mr Mark Rosenberg, a member of the board of directors of the International Ayurveda Foundation., and also president of Europe’s largest professional association of Ayurveda practitioners and therapists will be part of the event.

Another dignitary of repute who will be present at the GAF 2014 venue as speaker would be Dr Horst Pzunket, director of Neurology at the Ruhr University in Germany. Apart from these luminaries, the GAF 2014 will also play host to Dr David Moher, the director of clinical research and the Chalmers Research Group at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, Dr Edwin Cooper, a distinguished professor at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA); Professor Dr Marc Cohen, one of Australia’s foremost pioneers of complementary medicine; Dr Nikolas Kostopoulos, director of the Holistic Health Centre in Athens.

Other leading international dignitaries who have conformed participation include Dr Hari Shankar Sharma, the Japan-based leading Ayurveda legend, Dr Madan Thangavelu, research fellow at the Medical Research Council cancer Cell Unit and Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge, Dr Gopal K Basisht, who has been pioneering new research in the field of complementary medicine in the US, with a special interest in Ayurveda, Vaidya Ashvin Barot, researcher in Ayurveda in the UK, Dr Jeevan, from Germany, and many others from abroad.

More names in the list of speakers include Dr Antonio Morandi, director of Ayurvedic Point, Milan; Dr Bhaswati Bhattacharya, based in New York City, and many others.
The second edition GAF 2014 will be biggest ever summit on Ayurveda, and is being organized by the Centre for Innovation in Science & Social Action (CISSA), the Government of Kerala and the Ayurveda fraternity of Kerala.

More than 4000 delegates from 35 countries are expected to attend GAF 2014, which will be seen as the destination event for authentic Ayurveda. With a focus on the strengths of Ayurveda in public health, in the context of the growing burden of new age communicable diseases, it has been decided that the central theme of this edition of GAF will be Ayurveda in Public Health.

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