Green Alternatives to Street Light Solutions

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Having a high presence in the news, both locally and nationally, within the United Kingdom at the moment is that local councils are proposing that street lights are turned off between the hours of midnight and 5 AM. This is in the efforts of local councils to cut their spending and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide is produced, as across the country, local leaders said that this proposal will save around £14 million over a 13 year period – which in turn can go on expenses for other local spending such as fixing roads and community development.

The proposal however has caused uproar with local communities as they fear that although the street light switch off will save money, it may be at the cost of safety.

Some residents have raised their concerns for road safety and crime rates, fearing that there will be more car accidents and more breakings and theft.

The concerns however were overridden by the fact that over 8,000 tonnes of carbon will be saved if we implement the new switch off plan.

However, there can be an alternative to this.

Commercial Lighting Solutions

There are many different options out there instead of traditional street lights that can help combat the amount of carbon and electricity used to light the streets around the world.

It is the job of lighting specialists such as MMA Consultancy to find innovative lighting solutions for public and commercial spaces such as car parks and residential streets.

Light is important in public spaces as it helps highlight curbs and corners that help prevent road accidents and provides light to deter criminals from partaking in criminal activity.

However, more efforts are going to be made in order to keep these lighting solutions environmentally friendly.

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Go Green To Save Money

There is an alternative to turning the lights off between the selected hours, and that is to go green in terms of environmentally friendly street lights.

There was a trial in a couple of towns in California where they used L.E.D. street lights to light up the streets instead of the conventional street light.

This scheme actually meant that the cities consumed up to 80% less energy as it did before.

Why Are LED Lights Good for the Environment?

The way that LED light bulbs produce light means that producing light loses far less energy to heat than other conventional light bulbs, such as the vacuum or filament use in incandescent bulbs.

The LED bulbs can be up to 85% more efficient and in turn the carbon dioxide reduction is in the hundreds annually which make LED bulbs much better for the environment.

As well as being environmentally sound, these light bulbs are also highly efficient. This is because these bulbs last for up to 20 years before they need changing again, lasting up to 50,000 hours.

Solar Lighting

In some environmental housing estates that are popping up around the globe, there are solar panel powered street lighting that of course does not use any carbon dioxide whatsoever.

These street lights feature solar panels on the top of the light that during the day gather up enough power in order to light the streets at night.

The street lights however are still hooked up to a main power supply just in case of an extremely overcast day where not enough energy is produced.

Bradley Bond, the author of this post, has been researching and blogging about environmental strategies for many years and recently has focused on how government and what they are doing in order to help reduce their carbon emissions. 

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