Benefits of Going Green with Your Vehicle; Know How Green Cars Help


With global warming increasing drastically on a daily basis, there is an urgent need to go green. Pollution levels are getting more toxic as more industries are built with no clean way of getting rid of their waste. Instead of burying our heads in the sand, playing a small part in reduction of this population is necessary.

Vehicle emissions are one of the factors why there is a lot of pollution. There are new models every day and the purchase of these vehicles continues as new brands are released. This is why you need to go green with your vehicle. The key is to consider the type of vehicle you buy.

Hybrid and EVs Play a Key Role

Electric vehicles run on electricity; they do not require fuel. Conversely, hybrid vehicles make use of electricity in short distances and fuel for long distances that require higher speed. There are a number of advantages to consumers who make use of electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles.

Benefits of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

Decrease in fuel cost is the most obvious benefit of using hybrid and electric vehicles. There are fewer trips to a fuel pump when you make use of these types of vehicles. You will save 38 percent of fuel in the city and 19 percent of fuel in highways.

Battery charge is the only major cost to incur when you decide to go green with your vehicle. You have energy security with a hybrid or electric vehicle. When you consider that oil is a limited resource, then you are assured that you have the best with these types of vehicle.

You will find that their consumption of fuel is less; therefore, you are doing your part in saving a limited resource. There are tax deductions that the government offers to those who purchase eco-friendly vehicles.

This encourages more and more people to buy eco-friendly vehicles and in the process help in cleaning up the environment and saving a precious resource such as oil. There is the issue of sulphur as well as vehicle emissions.


These are drastically reduced in hybrid vehicles and diminished all together in electric vehicles. Therefore, there is a healthier environment with the reductions in emissions.

By making use of ethanol and bio-diesel, you are assured that the toxic emissions are reduced by as much as 97% in hybrid vehicles. As more eco-friendly vehicles are purchased, there is an increase of lanes in the highways. This is to cater specifically for these types of vehicles.

There are also free parking spaces as an incentive to buy these types of vehicles. Materials that are used to make eco-friendly vehicles are a lot lighter than traditional vehicles. This means that they manoeuvre and handle a lot easier.

The use of electricity to function means that they function very well at any speed. In order for the engine to run at full power, you do not need a transmission. This is applicable at lower speeds at well.

These are some of the benefits of going green when making use of your vehicle. You have a cleaner environment and a better functioning vehicle. In case you need further information on eco-friendly vehicles and how to go about buying them, ensure you make use of the right Dvla Contact.

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