Venturi VBB-3 is the Most Powerful Electric Car Ever

French multinational Venturi Automobiles is now amazing the automobile world with its new super power car, which is reportedly the world’s most powerful electric vehicle ever invented. The company, which has been always in the news with its experiments in the world of high speed vehicles, unveiled the VBB-3 this month.


The vehicle was revealed by Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene at the Wendover airfield in Utah, USA. VBB-3 has a powerful engine, which is at least having a horse power output of 3000hp.

The vehicle was manufactured by Venturi in collaboration with Ohio State University. The company is in collaboration with the educational and research institution for the last four years, and developed the Buckeye Bullet, which set the earlier speed record for electric vehicles.

The VBB-3 boasts a manufacturing cost of around $6 million, and is aerodynamically designed in needle shape to reduce air friction.  The car is all of 11.35 meters in length, 1.06 meters in width and weighs about 3.2 tonnes.

The batteries used in the car have a weight of about 1.6 tones, which results in overall increase in weight of the EV. The engine of the vehicle produces a torque of around 2800 Nm.

The company hopes to touch a speed of 600 kilometer per hour (373 mph) mark with this powerful electric vehicle. Carbon fiber is used to make the body of this super car, which resembles a rocket.

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