Rosburg,the Wrigley Heiress, Charters Jet to Transport Marine’s Pets


While on official duty in Afghanistan, Marine Andrew Morales had rescued two Anatolian Shepherd dogs. But when the time came for him to leave the country on another assignment, he was not allowed to book tickets for his two pets. The reason the airline company said was that the dogs were too big for the commercial aircraft.

A disappointed Morales and his wife was left with no option either. And then they remembered to call the rescue organization which had helped him transport the dogs from Afghanistan three years ago.

The rescue organization, in fact, tried to help by posted the sob story on its social media channels. Along with posting the tale, it also appealed to people on Morales behalf.

Help indeed arrived in the form of Helen Rosburg, great-granddaughter of chewing gum-industrialist William Wrigley. Rosburg, who saw the social media post, decided that she should help.

According to a report quoting Rosburg, she was concerned that Morales was going to lose his loving pets, and so she chartered a private jet to transport Morales’ dogs to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

Morales and wife were moved by the gesture. So are we. Rosburg , apart being the Wrigley heiress, is also the founder of On the Wings of Angels Rescue, an animal rescue organization.

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