Pamela Anderson Makes Her Voice Heard Against Bull Fighting


Pam Anderson is on a mission – a mission to save the bulls. With the Spanish senate set to consider a bill that would aim at protect bullfighting if the sport is granted a cultural heritage status, Pamela is irked. The actress is all set to make her voice heard against the bill.

Pamela has shot off a letter to the Spanish senate stating that tormenting bulls in the name of sport “belongs to the Dark Ages”. She has urged the senate to take a “compassionate stance against this cruel pastime by rejecting the bill to protect bullfighting”.

Clearly stating that stabbing bulls to death in bullfighting arenas is not entertainment, she wrote that Spanish citizens have signed petitions to ban bullfighting across the country. According to her, 76 percent of Spaniards say that they have no interest in bullfighting.

Organisations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Humane Society International, CAS International, League Against Cruel Sports, and World Society for the Protection of Animals have put in their might behind Pamela for this cause.  These bodies had already submitted a petition to politicians in Madrid with more than over 250,000 people’s  from 135 countries signature on it.

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