Natural Remedies for Getting Rid of Ants

Ant control Vancouver WA. That’s how I’ll name my future company. I learned so many things about ant control, that I must be some sort of expert by now. That’s one major consequence of some other learning I did in my adult life, like “never mess with ants”. They can ruin your house, wreck your nerves and destroy your entire life if they want to. I know that much and learned it the hard way when my girlfriend dumped me one week after she moved in with me in Vancouver because she couldn’t stand seeing those sly bastards crawling on our sheets from time to time and invading our privacy.

After thousands of dollars spent on chemicals, I reached out to more natural methods. Here are a few I tried while reading about them over the internet:
 Use cinnamon sticks or garlic right where you’ve seen ants before. It could be on window tracks, by the doors or in narrow corners around the house. Garlic actually works better than cinnamon although compared to cinnamon it stinks. You know that. Peel and slice a few cloves and place them in the dangerous areas. Remember to remove them when they become dry and replace them with fresh ones. As for cinnamon, use it the old fashion way. Sprinkle some in the corners or mark your territory by tracking some lines with a cotton swabs dipped in large quantities of cinnamon. The good thing is your house will smell like Christmas all year long.
 Vinegar stinks as badly as garlic, but it works just as well. Use a spray bottle filled with white vinegar or even apple cider vinegar and do your magic. Go ahead and spray all areas where you’ve seen your ants before. The vinegar is so strong and persistent that will actually prevent any ants from coming anywhere near the spot you fixed.
 Lemon juice is also good for getting rid of ants. (You didn’t see this one coming, did you?) It’s acid and somehow it helps the ants stay away from their favorite spots. Maybe it’s because of the smell. I don’t like it either.
 Another suited choice for dealing with ant control is good old mint. You know, that think you should never use in a cocktail without supervision. Mint messes with the ants’ smell and keeps them away. Ants are invasive as long as they can smell where they go. If they can’t, they are quite disoriented. So place your pretty mint leaves all around your house where you know they usually like to hang, especially near entrances (doors and windows). 

 Pepper is not only good for your pasta carbonara. It’s more than useful when you want to remove these annoying insects from your life. Use black pepper and sprinkle it in places you experience trouble with ants. Mind the ants though. You don’t want to make them invade your couch or bed just because they have no other place to hide. Be smarter than them.
 Water. Not just any water. Boiling water. Pour it over the anthills. Be merciless. Ants have no mercy when it comes to messing with your privacy, do they?
 You’re gonna dread this one. Ladies and gentlemen, borax, water and sugar. Sometimes garnished with some peanut butter. Chances are the ants will all set a date and enjoy the meal right by your kitchen table. I guess it works as well as any other thing that makes them gather. At least you get to squash them all at once.
 Some people told me ants are afraid of chalk. (Say whaat?!) You’re supposed to draw lines around your windows or around any place they might be coming from. Ants won’t cross it. Have no idea why. Maybe they’ve seen the Skeleton Key. That was a bad movie.
 When you run out of ideas, go with dish soap and boiling water. Mix them in a spray bottle and do your thing. Spray anywhere you see some ants. Do mind the floors afterwards and try to avoid using this method outside the house. Imagine what disaster a rain might cause when you’d be done with the ants.
 In case of emergency, just combine some basil with chili, lavender and thyme. Add in some eucalyptus and rosemary and you’re good to go. Stick to everything that has a persistent and powerful smell. Remember, the key is in the smell.
 You know what? Just stop eating smelly crap. Ants love strong essences. And keep the honey jar to yourself. You want an ant-less house or what? And keep your kitchen sink and counter clean and dry. Avoid humidity and stay away of dirt. Keep food away from ants. Place everything in the fridge or in food containers. Don’t leave it out in the open.
So what about you? Have you ever experienced any trouble with ants? How did you handle them? You are more than welcome to share your story and give us your own piece of advice.

Thanks, John

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