Ishi Vests Inspired by Innovative Farmer Movement in India


Harish Patel’s Ishi Vest recently ended a Kickstarter campaign that launched with a $10,000 goal and resulted bagging over $23,000. The campaign also describes the journey of Harish Patel and his innovative fashion sense.

The idea of Ishi Vest happened accidentally to him. Once he was approached by a woman, who asked to him where she could find his vest, which he had purchased during a trip to India. And that is the beginning of the Ishi Vest.

During his visit to India, Patel had got the opportunity to meet seed activists, farmers and many social entrepreneurs doing innovative things to stop pollution and farmer suicides in the country. And this inspired him to start Ishi Vest, a Kickstarter campaign to make traditional Indian vest, which are made of naturally dyes.


According to him, his vests are unique, versatile, functional and fashionable. They easily connect with others, as they are the best. Right now, he is set to launch Ishi’s current design, which will expand into women’s vests. He also plans to introduce a new unisex styled Vest.

Apart from all these fashion ideas, Ishi will provide its 10 percent of profits into the local sustainability efforts in the U.S. and India.

Well, we wish all success to Patel and Ishi. Also, we applaud them for their efforts towards a sustainable future.

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