Cut Home Energy Use Easily and Affordably

saveenergyThe U.S. Department of Energy describes energy vampires as appliances that use electricity even when turned off, by draining small amounts of electricity when plugged in. This electricity drain is called a phantom load or standby power, and can use up to a month’s worth of electricity per year. A common remedy to reduce or eliminate energy vampires is by using power strips and turning off the power button at night or when away from home to cut the power to appliances. This is just one home energy-saving solution, but there are many ways eco-conscious homeowners can stop wasting (and paying for) energy.

Vanquish the Mobile Device Charger Energy Vampires

Nobody likes plugging and unplugging something, and no one wants to waste energy and feel guilty about it either. But when you rely on your mobile phone’s charge to get you through your busy day, unplugging your charger on the way out door likely isn’t happening consistently. Eco-friendly mobile device chargers save the day. Bracketron chargers with GreenZero Technology eliminate standby power consumption. Bracketron’s GreenZero chargers are stylish as well as eco-friendly, for guilt-free, plugged-in readiness to power your mobile devices.

Sun Power for Your iPods and iPhones

Take your iPod and iPhone off the grid, and power them up with the Eton Soulra XL solar-powered sound system, even in the bathroom or poolside (it’s splashproof). This sound system gives you four hours of playback. Charge it by AC or direct sunlight even when you’re not near an electrical outlet.

Bamboo Blinds

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends covering drafty windows for the winter, but it’s a good idea during the summer months, too, when air conditioning is running. Bamboo blinds by The Shade Store are made from an eco-friendly material into a window treatment that helps you conserve energy at home by keeping out warm air in the summer and keeping in heat during winter. The blinds create a beautiful, natural look in unique styles to control the light and air coming in through windows.

Automate Your Energy Conservation

The Maestro Occupancy Sensor Switch lets you save energy without having to remember to flip the switch every time you enter or leave a room. Motion-sensitive detectors turn lights on when someone enters a room and off after a period of time without movement. They are programmable for use however you live. They even feature ambient light sensors, so they won’t turn on if there’s enough natural light already in the room. Combine convenience and energy savings with occupancy sensors.

Plug In and Save

The Belkin Conserve Power Switch is another energy vampire slayer that’s easy, inexpensive and convenient to use in places where you can’t fit a larger power switch. They are small devices that plug into electrical outlets and into which you plug your small appliances such as coffee makers, curling irons, hair dryers, clothes irons and electric grills. They allow you to leave your appliances plugged in without draining electricity because of their on/off switches. Instead of plugging and unplugging, just use your appliances with a quick switch of the on button.

Grant Graves, the author of this post, is an environmental consultant for businesses that want a smaller carbon footprint.

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