Billboard at Times Square Calls Out to People to Save Elephants


The largest animal on land is now decreasing in number. The high price of ivory makes elephants the favorite targets for poachers. Some reports say that African elephants in the world will completely get extinct in the next twelve years. Realizing the danger, some of the famous personalities are now coming forward to lead campaigns to protect elephants from the hands of poachers.

New York eco artist Asher Jay has done a nice job, by teaming up with San Francisco’s Grassroots advocacy group ‘March For Elephants’. They brought poaching awareness to Times Square on New York, by placing a huge 31’ high x 55’ wide billboard featuring her elephant art.

The digitally animated billboard was unveiled on September 29th, and is located between 46th and 47th street.

The billboard is a crowd funded campaign hosted by LoudSauce Inc. Jay expects an audience of at least 350,000 per day and so she claims that the awareness campaign will reach many people all over the world.

It is hoped that by this campaign, people can be made aware of the dangerous situation prevailing now due to widespread poaching. Activists at March for Elephants have been quoted as saying that the billboard will tell the story of earth’s last remaining wild elephants that are on the way to extinction.

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