Hacking to Kill: Indian Tigers Targeted by High Tech Poachers


Bengal tigers are favorite targets for hunters, and this makes the national animal of India one of the most endangered species in the world. Earlier, the hunters had to travel many days through difficult paths inside thick forests to find their targets. But now the situation is changing. Some of the high tech poachers are finding new ways to spot locations where the world’s most elusive animals are hiding.

As part of protecting the endangered species, GPS collars are now using by the forest officials to track the movement of the tigers in their natural habitat. News from the Satpura- Bori Tiger reserve says that the computer systems of the wild life officials have been hacked by poachers to collect data from a tiger’s GPS collar.

Wild life officials have been quoted as saying that real time information about the location of at least one tiger, Panna-211, has been hacked by the poachers. The information regarding the data collected using GPS collars is normally accessible for only three wild life officials who posses pass codes for viewing the collected data.

At present, the officials have no information regarding the hackers. The viability of the hacked information is also unknown for them. The officials have decided to closely monitor Panna- 211 for the next six months.

The news doesn’t sound good for those who love nature and animals. Isn’t it time to stand up against such ventures?

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