Five One Minute Changes That Make Your Home Greener

Everyone knows that going green is important, and we’ve all read countless articles on how it can save money, leave behind a better planet for our children and generally make the world a better place and our lives a whole lot easier.

But despite that fact, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t live life in a green and eco-conscious manner. You might be one of them: you read sites like this one regularly, but do you go that extra mile to wash out your milk cartons for recycling?

The problem is that going green seems to take a lot of effort and this is something that can be very off putting if you are already pushed for time, over-worked and over-stressed.

The good news though is that going green doesn’t always have to be a chore: in fact there are many little changes you can make that will take less than a minute and only require doing once. Here we will look at some of the quickest and easiest changes you can make around the home that will still save you a whole load of energy and money.


Turn Down the Brightness On Your TV

Your TV pumps out a lot of light and this is mostly what causes it to use up so much energy. Turn the brightness down a single notch, and over time the difference will be huge leading you to make drastic savings and do a world of good for the planet.

Turn Your Heating Down One Degree

Turning your heating down a single degree will take you less than a second let alone a minute, and that tiny change is far to minute for most people to notice. Nevertheless though, the amount of energy it will save over the course of a year could be enough to make a sizable difference to your bills.


Buy Renewable Coffee

Switching to green products in your shopping takes no time at all – it just means literally reaching to the left rather than to the right. The time consuming part is reading up on all the different brands and using them in your next shop.

For a quick difference then, just change this one thing. You can always switch to a different green product on your next shop.

Let Your Kids Share the Bathwater

This trick isn’t just quick: it will in fact save you time. Let your children share bathwater and you’ll have to run just one bath – one bath which will save you a lot of time and mean you’re not having to heat up an entire bath twice.


Turn Off Bluetooth on Your Laptop/Phone

Unless you’re actively using it, you probably don’t need Bluetooth on your laptop or phone all the time. Turn it off by going into settings and you’ll not only have to charge slightly less often, but you’ll also use less power when your devices are plugged in and running.

There are countless little tricks like this that will take you a couple of seconds max but make a huge difference to your overall energy consumption. Look around your house and see what else you could do in one minute to reduce your carbon footprint.

Gemma Hastings, the author of this post, is an ecological blogger with Solar Panel Grants. She loves to convey her opinions and thoughts on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle through her writings. You can visit her website,, for more details.

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