Drinking Bottled Water Could Give Shape to Wrinkles in Your Mouth!

We consider drinking water from taps or other sources are unsafe. So people go for bottled water. New studies from experts now show that drinking bottled water is not anymore safe.


They say the usage of bottled water could lead to skin ailments. A warning has been issued saying that drinking from water bottles could be the cause of unsightly premature wrinkles. The reason behind this could be the presence of BPA (Bisphenol A), which is a water soluble organic compound present in the plastic used to make the bottle.

It seems women are mainly the victims of deep wrinkles around their mouth, due to the repeated suction by lips for taking water from narrow necked water bottles. Years of water bottle usage may cause wrinkles in face, which can only be corrected by the treatment of a plastic surgeon, says experts. So, the shape for the bottles too could be a problem.

The only remedy to prevent this problem is the usage of cups instead of water bottles and straws.  Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Mitchell Chasin has been quoted as saying that some of his patients who drink up to six bottles of water a day have faced severe problems of this kind.

However, don’t lose heart. There are new painless procedures for correcting some of the damage, like the use of fillers and laser technology.

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