Wraps Go Off BMW i3 Premium Electric Vehicle

BMW has lifted the wraps off its first ever electric car christened i3, with the promise of outing the world’s first premium electric vehicle designed to be powered by an electric drive system. Going by what the German car maker says, the i3 brings together a visionary design, pioneering technology and an innovative vehicle concept that includes a passenger cell made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic.


Unveiled in three continents at the same time, the event showcased the development history and technology used in this innovative model. Many markets are excited about this new vehicle.

The hugely anticipated i3 was initially premiered at the Frankfurt International Motor Show exactly two years ago. Launch of the i3 in three continents at the same time shows the global approach taken by BMW towards resolving urban mobility issues worldwide, says a report.


With the roll out, BMW has brought in a vehicle that shows off a unique design, sustainability throughout the value chain and complementary mobility services.

The i3 aims at reducing fuel consumption and emissions in hefty traffic places. Accommodating a 125kW/170 hp electric motor that helps emission-free driving while spiking to a range between 130 and 160 kilometers, the car also sports sustainability and resource conservation properties.

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