Why Your Family Should Make the Switch to Green Energy

We are almost constantly being warned about the dwindling resources that the world is going to be able to offer future generations. There is good reason for this sense of urgency and in order to make your contribution to a better environment your family, you will need to consider switching to green energy. Here are some aspects you need to consider about your energy needs.


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 What is green energy?

It helps to know what is being talked about when people refer to green energy. In basic terms, green energy is any type of energy that is produced from a sustainable source, like the sun or wind.


One of the first ways that families can become greener is to reduce the amount of energy they currently use as much as possible without affecting their lifestyle. An easy starter tip is to look at the way you do your cooking every day. A common form of wastage is when people preheat their ovens for too long before they use them.


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To save money and reduce energy costs, preheat only when you absolutely have to and make sure you start your baking or cooking as soon the right temperature has been reached.


This is one of the main aspects of running a family home that has changed immensely over the last ten years or so. There are now so many options to use energy efficient lighting around your home and the cost of low-energy bulbs has come down as their popularity has increased.

a selection of energy saving light blulbs both bayonet cap and screw in types

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Using low energy lighting is a no-brainer because they reduce your energy bill, last longer than old-fashioned bulbs and help the environment.

Solar power

Take a look at investing in solar power for your home. There are grants available to help you reduce the cost of installation and adding a few solar panels to your roof can reduce the cost of cooling or heating your home by as much as 50%.

Get professional advice and a quote to find out what would be the best solution for your property based on the location, so that you can maximise the amount of generated from daylight conditions.


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 Turn down the dial

A simple but cost effective way of reducing your energy bill and usage is to consider turning down the temperature dial on your central heating and hot water system. Reducing the heat setting by between 2 and 4 degrees Fahrenheit will largely go unnoticed but will certainly be noticed when you get your next energy bill.

 Unplug appliances

Far too many of us leave appliances and charges on standby, which means we are constantly using up energy even when we are not watching TV or charging our phones and laptops. We need to either become far more disciplined in unplugging items after each use or consider plugging them in through a power bar that will monitor usage and shut down the power supply after a period of inactivity.

There are numerous ways to embrace new green technology and you can become a greener family just by monitoring your consumption and being more aware of wastage.

Ken Wilson, the author of this article, is a lobbyist for the environment. He frequently writes with tips for families on homeowner blogs. Click to get more information about the Energy Helpline.

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