Invest in Solar Panels to Save Money and Environment

Solar power is the most supreme source of energy and every form of life is dependent on this energy directly or indirectly. It was impossible for men to capture the power of sun and transform into another source of energy – electricity, until recently. But with the invention of solar panels it is possible now to harness the power of sun to generate electricity.


It was revolutionary when solar power was first used to capture the power of sun and the time has never been the same again. Soon industrialists and government realized that the future of electricity is solar power and they started investing in this technology.

Initially, the solar panels were huge and much too expensive for small industries and home owners to afford. Even the large companies and industries thought it was not worth investing so much into solar panels even though solar panels promised low to nil electricity bills.

However, the solar power technology has come a long way today and now solar companies sell do-it yourself-kits for residential use and small commercial companies. Let us see how solar panels are a wise investment for both large industries and residential purpose.

  • One time investment:

Installation of solar panels is one time investment. Once you get the solar panels on your roof you don’t have to worry about them for at least next thirty to forty years. Many reputed companies give warranty for their panels.

It is also very easy to maintain these panels; you can wash them once in a while with a garden hose to make sure that dust does not settle on these panels and thus you can get the maximum benefits from them.



  • Reduction in electricity bills:

One of the most sought after benefits of solar panels is that they promise reduction in electricity bills. You can start making your home free from grid electricity connection by steadily adding solar panels to meet your home’s electricity requirements. As soon as you turn to solar power you will realise that your electricity bills are getting lower and once you are completely covered by enough solar panels to cut the grid connection you will not have any electricity bills to pay, because solar energy is totally free.

  • Environment friendly:

Apart from being a free and renewable source of energy, solar energy is environment friendly. No harmful gases are emitted when the power of sun is transformed into electricity. This process is a silent process and so there is no noise pollution. The conventional electricity is made by burning fossil fuel which is not only harmful for the environment, but is also getting depleted at an accelerating rate.

  • Incentives and tax rebate benefits:

As you already know, all you have to do is invest into solar panels one time to get free electricity. To help you in this endeavour, the government is also well set. Both residential and commercial users can get tax rebates and incentives to go solar. This means that your investment cost will be written off sooner than you think.

solar2Shell predicts that by 2040, 50% of the total electricity need of the world will be met by renewable source of energy. By far solar energy has turned out to be the most affordable and promising source of renewable energy. Be the first and invest in solar panels to meet your electricity requirements. You will be able to save a lot by not having to pay the bills anymore.

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