AGU Convertible Coat Can Shield You from Rain Too

This is something interesting. AGU’s convertible SEQ urban coat can handle both fashion and function at the same time. This jacket we are talking about is ideal for the fashion conscious and adventurist alike. Read on to know all about the new entrant in the fashion scene.


If you are cyclist, the SEQ urban coat in fact unzips to create a rain poncho if sudden rainfall occurs and would help protect your hands from rain.

The stylish rain jacked designed by AGU comes in neutral silver grey, or patterned blue and white hues. It can be tied at the waist level and has a flattering A-line cut.

The jacket looks a typical fashion raincoat with a comfortable hood. As said earlier, it deflects rain water with the waterproof material used. The jacket also ensures smooth breathing and helps you with comfortable walking or riding.

The jacket also provides protection when a storm suddenly bursts out while you or on the road. The internal system of SEQ can be easily convertible to a poncho, even when cycling.

aguThe poncho can be draped over the handle bars, thus protecting the rider’s hands from cold rain. Internal grips ensure a firm grip on the cycle’s handle bars even when raining.

Thus you  could continue your ride without interruption, not bothering about rain or wind. This piece of fashion wear looks excellent when on a ride or for everyday use. Want to get one?

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