Regular vs Green Motorcycles: The Perks of Environment-Friendly Vehicles

When purchasing a car these days, you really have two major options. Either you can buy a standard automobile that consumes petrol or you opt for something more unconventional such as an electric-powered motorbike. In the case of the latter, this will provide a lot of benefits, both environmentally and financially. To help convince you that electricity is the better alternative, here are some ways in which you can advantage yourself and the planet through these environmental vehicles.


Fewer Carbon Emissions

Since these cars and bikes run on electricity, they are far less polluting than the average petrol-operated automobile. Gasoline is known for its emissions which come in the form of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and soot particles. Vehicles running on these fossil fuels produce these harmful chemicals constantly, dirtying the surrounding environment and poisoning our air.

On the other hand, electric automobiles and motorbikes are emission-free, at least when they hit the road. Simply plug the car battery into the wall, let it charge up, and enjoy your ride. These vehicles aren’t completely emission-free though as the power still has to come from somewhere. Whether this is a coal power plant or solar panels, it will depend on how your local government has set up your electrical grid.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

These environmental vehicles are also great for your wallet as well since they are far more fuel efficient than their petrol-guzzling counterparts. Depending on the model, the rate of kilowatts used per mile of driving will be quite cost effective. This will then equate to lower expenses. In fact, the numbers here are often far less than you’d pay for your petrol too.

Since there are different models available though, you’ll need to compare what’s on offer, asking the salesman about the fuel efficiency of each car or bike. This will help you benefit more, allowing you to buy an electric scooter that saves you the maximum amount of money possible. Not only will you be reducing your expenses but you’ll also be protecting the planet too.

Easy Recycling Process

While the batteries in an electric vehicle can be recharged over and over again, they don’t last forever. This applies for all rechargeable batteries and the automotive kind is no exception. The good news is that each old, dead battery is 100% recyclable, making these vehicles even better for the environment.

The age of these batteries can be seen through the various manufacturers’ warranty that each comes with. Some are said to last as long as 8 years or 100,000 miles, giving you plenty of power to get just about anywhere. So, not only will you have fewer parts to dispose of while using your electric motorbike or car but you’ll also be able to recycle the whole battery once it finally dies in the future.


Widespread Refuelling Locales

The final benefit listed here has more to do with convenience than anything else. Since these cars and bikes run on electricity, all you need is a nearby power point and you can let the battery charge up with ease. Using regular sockets take quite a while to charge though as the voltage isn’t that high.

To get around this speed issue, some local governments have set up electric charge stations offering rapid battery boosting for those on the go. While this may still take longer than filling up a tank full of petrol, at the very least, the technology is getting better. Within a year or so, hopefully we’ll see quick charge alternatives that help electric cars and bikes overtake their petrol counterparts in this regard.

Lydia Bradley, the author of this article, is a traveler and an environment activist by passion.She loves to sit under the shades of the green leaves while enjoying a cup of tea. She enjoys the fresh air while traveling with her electric scooter. She promotes green living through her articles.

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