Levi’s WasteLess 501 Jean Adds More Green to’s EKOCYCLE [Video]

We had earlier told you about the various eco-friendly innovations that Levi’s brings in to their brand of jeans.  Their new Levi Strauss creations named Levi’s Waste<Less collection of jeans and jackets made partly from recycled plastic bottles and trays.

wasteless-leviThe latest from Levi’s territory is news that talks about a new limited-edition brand of Levi’s 501 Waste<Less jean that has been made exclusively for EKOCYCLE.

As per what the company says, for the past “140 years, the Levi’s brand has made its 501 jeans with the same care, craftsmanship and attention to detail. To that, they’ve added recycled plastic”.

In case you aren’t aware, EKOCYCLE is a social movement spearheaded by musician and producer The performer has founded the movement in partnership with Coca-Cola.

According to Levi’s “each 501 Waste<Lessjean is made with 29% post-consumer recycled content, using an average of eight recycled plastic bottles”.

Don’t you now think its good wearing plastic in recycled form, if it proves beneficial for Planet Earth? The new product for EKOCYCLE in fact aims at transforming the way people think about recycling choices and waste.

Here’s a video featuring, along with Levi’s James Curleigh and Jonathan Kirby.

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