Professional Help Must to Eradicate Termites

They turn a wall to dust; eat an entire home down to the ground, and are the most dangerous ‘critters’ on earth – at least, from your home’s point of view. What am I talking about? Why, termites of course. It’s truly one of God’s great mysteries how such a minuscule creature can cause so much damage. Yet it does! And as such you can’t trust the eradication of such bugs to just any process. It is a professional you need to turn to, in these times of need.


What Are They?

No, I’m not talking about miniature monsters here. Termites have been in existence since the times of the dinosaurs and unfortunately, they cause catastrophic disaster. What dinosaur do you know of that wasn’t bent on disaster, come hell or high water. At least, they all do in the movies!

Despite their ancient ancestors, contemporary termites are tiny, but just as dangerous. They are attracted to anything made of wood (most homes). So, when they exist in a building or home, you better be terribly concerned (especially if you want to save your home from total destruction). Hence, the reason why termite control is very important. It protects a home or building from experiencing intense structural damage.

Termite Prevention

In some cases, you can handle termite prevention yourself. Remove potential termite food from areas next to the home. An example of great termite food might be: stacks of wood chips, timber, building debris and wood garden decor.

Remove brush and overgrown greenery around the walls or structure of your home as these can create moisture in the structural wood. To a termite, a gourmet meal is wet wood. So you always want to keep your home structure as dry as possible. Do this by identifying and fixing water leaks, whether internal or external. Eliminate pooling water from areas near the structure.

If building, always use treated lumber, especially if it is in direct contact with the ground. Even though the chemicals used to treat this lumber don’t guarantee you won’t ever get termites, they do act as a deterrent.


Call In the Professionals From Time to Time

Aside from taking your own preventative measures, you need to call for a professional to inspect your home every once in a while too. After all, you want to catch these dangerous critters before they do their damage. Have your home inspected during seasons where termites are the most active; early spring and late summer are the best; a once a year inspection is a ‘must do’ of any conscientious home owner.

How Do I Know He’s A Professional?

Don’t look through the online classified website to find a qualified pest-control company, unless you are sure it is licensed. Believe me, this is not the place to skimp. Better to go without cable TV, than to go without your yearly termite inspection. Make sure any company you think of hiring is fully licensed and uses termite control technicians.


Compare Service

Of course, you don’t have to take the first inspection service price that comes your way. Certainly, you should compare prices, but you want these prices to reflect on the services you are offered. Make sure it is a full inspection from a qualified pest-control technician.

Bottom Line

If after getting your home inspected, you find you have a termite problem, well, then, thank the lucky stars you caught it on time. The company you call in to do the inspection can also perform the eradication service. And while this may cost a little, and may even be uncomfortable (you may have to leave the house for a day or two). The results are certainly worth it. You won’t lose your entire home.

[David Breen, the author of this article, is a professional pest-control specialist. He enjoys blogging for a number of different websites and helping people keep their residences pest-free. To learn more about eradicating termites, go to]

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