Blue Planet Aquarium Opens in Denmark: 20,000 Fish, 53 Aquariums

Here’s one destination to visit during your vacation. The place is Oresund, Denmark, where Northern Europe’s largest aquarium is housed. The Blue Planet aquarium, situated eight miles outside of Copenhagen, opened to the public over the weekend. There are over 20,000 fish and other aquatic fauna, all swimming across 53 aquariums that, overall, contain around seven million liters of water.


The Blue Planet aquarium is designed by the Danish architectural studio 3XN, who had come across the opportunity to build the complex by winning an international competition in 2007. The complex is built north of Kastrup Harbor in Oresund, with a sea-front view on an elevated piece of land.

The proximity to the sea allows salt water to be pumped in through a 1.7 km tube for use in the cold salt water aquariums. A periodic process of filtration and sanitisation of the water in all aquariums keep them clean, providing a healthy environment for the aquatic animals.


The complex’s design takes after the organic movement of water and the shape of sea creatures. The exterior walls have a series of small diamond-shaped aluminum shingles that act as scales of a fish, while doubling as a water effect on the building by reflecting the sky’s color and movement.


The Ocean Tank is the largest aquarium inside the complex. It measures 16 meters (52 ft) in length, 8 meters (26 ft) in height and is about 60 tonnes (66 tons) in weight.

There is close to four million liters of water inside the tank, and this is held by acrylic glazing, which is supposed to be ten to twenty times more stronger than glass.


The Blue Planet houses a variety of sea creatures including sharks, sea lions, dwarf crocodiles, moray eels and barracudas and hammer sharks. There are also restaurants with seaside views and fresh fish on the menu.

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