Levi’s 8 Bottles, 1 Jean Tribute to Planet Earth is Ultimate in Green Fashion

Innovation is what Levi’s does in an utmost eco-friendly manner. The Levi’s brand has now added to the good efforts, a new collection of denim that boasts the presence of post-consumer waste such as recycled plastic bottles and food trays.

The Levi’s Waste<Less product will include a minimum of 20 percent post-consumer recycled content, or, on average, eight 12 to 20-ounce bottles per jean, according to the company. The products will be available for both men and women as part of the its Spring 2013 collection.

According to James Curleigh, global president of the Levi’s brand, “From the beginning, we have designed our products with purpose and intent. By adding value to waste, we hope to change the way people think about recycling, ultimately incentivizing them to do more of it…This collection proves that you don’t have to sacrifice quality, comfort or style to give an end a new beginning.”

The Spring 2013 Levi’s Waste<Less collection will utilize over 3.5 million recycled bottles. The Spring 2013 men’s products, to be available globally, will feature Levi’s 511 Skinny jeans, Levi’s 504 Straight Fit jean, and Levi’s Trucker jacket. For women, Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny jeans in a progressive fit will be available in the US and Europe.

With the help of PET, plastic including brown beer bottles, green soda bottles, clear water bottles and black food trays are collected through municipal recycling programs across the United States. The bottles and food trays are sorted by color, crushed into flakes, and made into a polyester fiber.

This polyester fiber is blended with cotton fiber, which is finally woven with traditional cotton yarn by Cone Denim to create the denim used in the Levi’s Waste<Less jeans and trucker jackets.

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