Katherine Heigl Just One Products to Ensure Wellbeing of Pets

Gifted American actress and animal activist Katherine Heigl is now busy with the launch of her new pets’ product line. The new product line christened ‘Just One’ is not like any other typical pet product line, though. Founded by Heigl and her mother Nancy a year ago in California, the new venture aims at bringing in products such as leashes, dishes, pet bag dispensers, pooper scoopers, collars and more.

Katherine Heigl
As Heigl is fond of collars, the new product range will some new collars similar to the Livestrong bracelets and they will have ‘Just One’ printed on them.

Just One also supports homeless companion animals through ‘The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation’ , which has been founded in memory of her brother. The organization rescues, cares for and works to put a stop to animal cruelty and abuse.

This organization was launched to solve problems such as these and ‘Just One’ would also push charitable activities.

Heigl also encourages everyone to love their pets and not to abandon them. She hopes that killing of animals can be prevented to some extent and can raise the percent increase of intake of pets in shelters from 14% to more.

Herself a pet lover, she has seven dogs and three cats and spends time with them even in her tight schedule. To purchase Just One products for your pets, you just need to login here.

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