Beyonce Attracts PETA Ire for Super Bowl Outfit

Yet another celebrity is courting trouble! Beyonce, who sent her audience to a frenzy with her Super Bowl halftime performance, is now in the center of a storm thanks to her outfit.

And, taking offence to her choice of costume is PETA, who has slammed the 31 year old sexy crooner for wearing python and iguana skin and leather. Never would have Beyonce imagined that the Rubin Singer designed outfit would attract so much of criticism.

According to PETA, Beyonce’s Super Bowl costume is totally against the current trend of fashion that has been increasingly turning towards humane vegan options.

This isn’t the first time Beyonce is attracting too much of brickbats. It was only last month that animal activists slammed the singer for performing at President Barack Obama’s inauguration in a Christian Dior mink coat.

We are just waiting for Beyonce’s reaction on that. We just hope the celebrity would make amends.

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