Portland to NY in a Tesla Model S; Get Behind the Wheel Now

For those who want to buy an electric car, there are many affordable models available. And these days, lots of people are thinking about buying an electric car. But sometimes they never get proper guidance regarding the vehicle’s performance. Reviews and specs sheets are good enough and do tell them about the car but a real–world experience would offer much more.

A long-distance electric car trip is such a venture undertaken by a handful of electric vehicle drivers to see what their vehicle can actually give them.

The drivers – Peter Soukup, Tina Thomas and Luba Roytburd – drove down the West Coast in their Tesla Motors’ electric sedan, the Model S. The car has an EPA-rated range of 265 miles in 85 kWh.

They drove from Portland to New York in this electric vehicle via Arizona, Louisiana, Virginia and other states. Along the trip, they’ve also used numerous Supercharger stations and made stops in Albuquerque and Austin.

According to Peter, they just wanted to prove to others that they can completely depend on electric vehicles for transportation needs.

You can follow the test trip here.

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