Jessica Alba Teaches Daughters to Live Green

It is not easy to live a green and eco-friendly life. But Jessica Alba has proved that she indeed can. With her Honest Company that offers biodegradable products, she has been keeping her promises and also helping other moms to select eco-friendly products for their kids.

Recently, she partnered with Zulily to sell Honest’s products at the popular mom’s shopping site. But for Jessica it is not enough. The pretty celebrity works hard to teach her two daughters about the significance of a green living style.

According to the actress, she and her husband try to model and practice eco-friendly habits for the girls, so that her two daughters – Honor and Haven – would understand the importance of eco-friendly habits.

Her four year old daughter Honor helps her in the family herb garden, and it helps the kid to understand the steps to growing food and above all it teaches patience.

The kid also enjoys helping out in the kitchen. During crafting sessions with Jessica, she insists her children to use waste cardboard boxes into making toy houses or any other creation.

In a bid to help others switch to green living, Jessica has also written a book titled

‘The Honest Life’. In the book, the actress provides several tips to live a non-toxic life without any compromise on fashion. The book is expected to hit the market this March.



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