ELSA AND ME Spring Additions to Launch on February 5th

ELSA AND ME, the Brooklyn‐based sustainable dress company, will launch its spring additions at SoHo’s COCO‐MAT store on February 5th. The company would present the all‐new Sleeveless ELSA and two new spring colors ‐ Hibiscus and Butter Cream ‐ available in both the sleeveless and original ¾ length sleeve.

The unveiling celebration will take place at eco‐chic mattress company COCO‐MAT’s 49 Mercer Street location. Those purchasing the sleeveless ELSA on site will receive a discount of 20%.

Representatives from eco‐fashion laundering product, CARE&S, will also be in attendance demonstrating environmentally friendly ways to care for delicate clothing.

As you all know, the ELSA dress is comfortable for work and elegant during cocktail hours and the design has shown to fit every body type.

Currently sold exclusively online and through sales ambassadors, the ELSA dress is produced per individual order locally in New York. Each dress is made for every customer with a 2 ‐ 8 week delivery time.

The ELSA dress has been introduced in different colors throughout the year and currently comes in the original Dusty Black, Vanilla White, Midnight Blue, Power Red, Sweet Potato, Sunny Wheat, Hibiscus and Butter Cream.

Look forward to the new launch. In the meantime head for their webshop here.

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