Kesha Joins Hands with HSI to Save African Lions from Extinction

The number of African lions has steadily been seeing a dip over the past three decades. It has been recorded that the lion trophy imports to the United States have been on the rise, and that calls for a major intervention on that terrain.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Kesha has joined hands with the Human Society International (HSI) to urge animal lovers and the general public to sign a petition that seeks to declare the African lion an endangered species.

Kesha has requested the public to sign a petition so that it will help in protecting the African lions under the Endangered Species Act.

She has tweeted: “Please join me & @HSIglobal to #helpafricanlions endangered cats are not trophies and should not be hunted”.

An ESA listing is expected to help prohibit lion trophy imports to the US and would elevate awareness about the need for protection of lions.

According to HIS, “we must overturn the decline of the African lion and our petition shows that listing them as endangered under the ESA would help to do just that.”

Sign the petition here.

The response from the public is seen as essential, as the US Fish and Wild Life Services are reviewing the African lion’s status and are accepting public comments.

We just hope Kesha and HIS would be able to spur people to voice their concern for the African lions that could fast face extinction.

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