Lead in Your Lipstick Can Make You Hit the Hospital Bed [Video]

Coloring your sexy lips could make you extra sexy. Agreed. But, then it could also brand you a fool. As per what we think, a person is a fool when he/she does things that shouldn’t be done when the whole world says it could be hazardous.  Of course there are many out there who believe staying lovely at the cost of health is okay. It isn’t!

Now look at what Good Morning America has revealed as part of their study.  As per the findings, 12 out of 22 lipstick samples  – or 55 percent – they investigated, had lead content in them. Traces of lead found in these lipstick samples were even as high as 3.22 part per million!

Well, that would be enough to bring into your body a potent neurotoxin that can trigger learning, behavioral, and other ailments. It is common knowledge that the US Food and Drug Administration has suggested a lead limit of 0.1 parts per million for candy. But then, apart from California, no other state in the US has any such threshold for the cosmetics industry.

As lead is just an unintended byproduct of the manufacturing processes, cosmetics makers do not need to declare lead content in their labels that list ingredients.

Whatever that be, you need to be sure that the lipsticks you use are safe. Else, you would be just another fool who does something bad for your body and health even after knowing it does bring you harm .

Here’s an ABC video:

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