Want to Go to Pet Shows? Here’s a List of Annual Events

Dogs aren’t the only pets that can show off. Relatively unknown creatures like the sugar gliders and betta fish also can be show stoppers. If you are bored of tuning in and watching the national dog show on thanksgiving day every year, this year you can do something different. And, let’s tell you it is going to be fun.

Did you know there are number of annual pet shows and conventions in the US that attract large numbers of animal lovers every year? These pet shows and conventions show case a variety of pets.

These are well organized conventions that get underway at community centers, mid-sized convention halls, airport hotels annually attended by large gatherings. The audience gets to see cute animals like pet gerbils, parrots, hermit crabs and bearded dragons are celebrated by this crowd of pet lovers. If you are not aware of these animal shows that happen around you, folks at MNN have listed them down for you:

American Rabbit Breeders Association Convention and Show

Who doesn’t like bunnies? You can be a part of the hop if you visit this massive convention center filled with thousands of bunnies!

Fancy Rat Convention

The fancy Rat Convention happens every year in the city of New York.  Organized by Big Apple Rattery, the event is open to intelligent and charming household pets that are mostly misunderstood.

Reptile Breeders Conference

For those who love the slithering and the scaly, the NARBC is a must-attend event. The North American Reptile Breeders Conference takes place annually in the three cities of Arlington, Texas, Anaheim and California.

Sugar Glider Get Away

This social event for sugar glider enthusiasts is held each year on the last Saturday of July and they also discuss different views and opinions on sugar gliders.

Ferret Buckeye Bash

The most well-known convention of all is the annual Ferret Buckeye Bash dubbed “Ohio’s Premier Championship Ferret Show”. The show brings on display a variet if weasels that are not so common. The Buckeye Bash features tube races, multiple championship rings, the best dressed contest and vendors in abundance.

National Cage Bird Show

A fierce competition gets underway every year at the annual National Cage Bird Show that is organized at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis.

International Betta Congress Convention

Hosted at a hotel near the Jacksonville airport, the 2012 International Betta Congress Convention brings together the general public every year. Fresh water fish called the Betta is the main attraction.

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