Walk along Baumwipfelpfad with Clouds for Company; Egg-Shaped Tree Top

Ever wondered what the world looks like from the point of view of a bird or a bee? Well, you can find that out if you visit the world’s longest egg-shaped tree top in Bavaria, Germany. The massive tree top walkway called Baumwipfelpfad  is guaranteed to be a risk-free adventure by the officials at the Bavarian forest national park.

Several adventure stations are to be found along the walkway that includes a narrow wooden plank alluring trekkers to balance on the beam.

Of course, these obstacles are completely enclosed with safety nets and also protected with a wooden fence to avoid mishaps.

Once at the top, hikers get rewarded for their bravery as a spectacular view of the earth 50 feet below awaits them. So get your adrenaline on and tie a rope around your waist as a series of fun challenges await you at three different stations along the way to the top.

The 44m top platform also offers a view of the mountains of Lusen and Rachel that dominate the area. And, if you are lucky, you might even catch a view of the northern Alps that lie beyond.

The world’s longest walkway located in Neuschönau around three giant Fir trees in Germany was recently unveiled and is the longest of its kind.

You need not be mighty trekkers to visit this tree top walk as the design also allows wheelchair accessibility so that no one in the family gets left behind.

With a reasonable entrance fee of just €8 for adults, this destination is definitely worth a try.

What’s significant is that the green creators of Baumwipfelpfad wanted to make visitors feel part of nature, and so have left the mature pines that surround the area undisturbed.


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