Tesla Model S Price Hike Imminent; Strategy to Push Sales?

Thinking of buying the Tesla model S? If you are, you should act fast as there will be a price hike on the car in the near future.  And there is only one way to dodge the increase – you need to make your reservations now.

Although Tesla did give us a hint about the price increase, they have not given anybody a proper reason for such a decision. It is obvious that there will be a lot of reservations made due to this announcement.

Just as the celebrations were getting over for Telsa (as the Model S was named Car of the Year by Motor Trend) the automakers has come up with a new strategy.

Actually, an increase in price at a time like this is a smart decision from their part as everyone is trying to get their hands on the award-winning EV at the moment.

Luckily for the Model S enthusiasts, in addition to the price change, there will be some options pack changes as well.

And those who have already reserved, they will receive an email letting them know when the price change goes into effective.

So, Telsa has made a “now or never” statement to the public but there is no news on how many people will line up for the award winning electric vehicle.

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