Stella McCartney is British Designer of the Year

Designer and animal rights rock star Stella McCartney was named British Designer of the Year at the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards. As usual the ever-glamorous Stella McCartney looked fabulous wearing a gold lamé jumpsuit.

The 41-year-old designer collected her award and talked about the difficulties of being a mom, and she being a mother of four, had a hard time staying on top of the fashion world.

McCartney was probably becoming a little modest when she said she is not a particularly good mom and not a particularly good colleague at work.

She has a whole set of accomplishments and this laurel just adds to the list. McCartney and her eco friendly designs have already taken her to the top of the fashion arena. She has also launched a perfume and a sunglasses collection, and designs sportswear for Adidas.

If this not enough, the prestigious responsibility of designing Great Britain’s Olympic uniforms was entrusted with McCartney this year.

A hard working person with much dedication should be recognized for their work, don’t you think? Hats off to her!


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