Solar Cars Get Set to Display Racing Prowess at Atacama

Last year, you witnessed 30 teams vying against each other at the 1,060-kilometer course over three days at Atacama. Yes, the race is back again. And, we bet you won’t be disappointed this time either as eighteen solar powered cars designed by Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and India race across 1,300 kilometers of Chile’s dry Atacama Desert for this year’s challenge.

The race is the latest installment of Latin America’s biggest solar car competition, launched last year in October.

Ten of the 12 cars developed by the Chileans are already on display in front of the Presidential palace in downtown Santiago. The other vehicles are also going to be presented ahead of the Atacama Solar Challenge.

The cars that are going to compete fall under two categories – the ones that are powered exclusively by the sun, and the ones that are hybrid solar and pedal powered three-wheelers.

The November 15-19 race aims to promote low-cost eco-friendly cars and to stimulate the development of human capital that is able to lead new energy efficient technologies.

The objectives of the Atacama Solar Challenge also include showing off to the world the torque potential of solar powered cars.

The event, organized by the Chilean section of the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers, the University of Chile’s Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Federico Santa Maria Technical University and the Solar Road Corporation, will be a demonstration of a process that would lead to the development of solar vehicles.

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