School Building in India is Close to Nature; Stands Tall as Pune’s Pride

If you would remember, we have provided you with many interesting details of amazing eco-architecture in many lands around the globe. This time around, we have chosen to tell you about a contemporary design in India.

This striking heritage school located in Maharashtra in western India boasts curvy roofs that mimic the verdant hills of Pune.

Designed by Madhav Joshi & Associates, this boarding school sports walls made of stone and skylights that replace the conventional building materials. The skylights make maximum use of natural light and less electricity use during the day time.

Although, the school is located on a ten acre plot amid the lavish surroundings of Pune’s greenery, the built environment only comprises 6,200 square meters.

Even with the setback of budgetary uncertainties, the builders managed to bring this contemporary design to life and it stands tall as Pune’s pride.

What’s special about this creation is that the roof of this institution blends in with the hills that surround them. Further, the interior ceilings are thermally insulated with terracotta tiles.

There are ten dormitories, five studio apartments along with 14 classrooms, three labs and other facilities that guarantee all the comforts necessary for inspired learning.

Fruits, trees and flowers that encircle the school ensure a healthy destination for its visitors and this eco-friendly school also gives its students a valuable message to go green.

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