Peacock Saves Turkey from the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Thanksgiving is the time when family members gather around a dining table to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Thousands of turkeys get slaughtered every year due to this tradition. But then, have you ever thought of that when you are having your delicious meal?

The PETA has been campaigning on putting an end to this practice of cutting up turkeys so that all the members in a family can be “thankful”. They have come up with their slogans and campaigns such as “Try our vegan roasts”.

Well, we have a different and unique story here so as to spur you into thinking against slaughtering those turkeys out there in the name of celebration. This particular turkey in Scotland will not end up on the dinner plate this festive season, thanks to a small twist in her life.

The interspecies love story goes thus:  Miss McFeathers was born and raised at a farm in Scotland, and she was constantly bullied by all the other turkeys in the farm.

One day, this peacock named Pendragon took a liking for her and decided to stick with her through thick and thin. Apparently, the owners and staffs too were bowled over by the love tale and so decided not to separate them.

You have to see it yourself if you are to believe this surprising turn of events that changed the lives of the two farm animals. And, believe it or not, this interspecies romance has excited farm owner Mike Eagers.

Apparently, Miss McFeathers made a beautiful friendship with a colorful peacock that led to a change in the mindset of the farmers.

After witnessing true love, the farm owner spared the life of McFeathers from slaughter.  This is the perfect example, that in the end only pure love can make a difference in the world.

So thanks to this odd romance between Pendragon and Miss Mcfeathers, a turkey gets an extended life span.

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