Modular N2X035 Home in Portugal is a Solar-Powered Wonder

[N2X] Arquitectos has come up with a fabulous project in Portugal. The home is a groundbreaking modular home build for present-day families and boasts solar power reliance.

The modular home is situated in Água d’Alto facing the ocean. The solar-powered home measures up to 156-square-meter and it completed the construction in 2012.

The modular piece was originally constructed to fill the remains on the elevated site. The home, which looks like a white and black box, packs an array of sustainable features.

The home appears to be a strategically planned structure as it is made up of stone walls which seem undisturbed and the two identical modular boxes filled the vacant space. With the solar-power, the power consumption can be reduced.

The house also has a rain harvesting system. The bright white interior may not be appealing for at least some of the readers. But, one thing is sure the white interior is sure to bring much light inside. The views of the surrounding Portugal are definitely captivating.

Entrepreneurs and all explore affordable ways to bring renewable energy to the common man. This one is one such innovation in the architecture space.

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