Miley Cyrus Gets a Rescued Pig as Gift from PETA on her Birthday

Remember what PETA gifted Anne Hathaway on her wedding day? A calf! The animal-friendly organization has quite a reputation for gift giving, whether as a  consolation gift basket sent to presidential candidate Mitt Romney after he lost, or the rescued calf sent to Anne Hathaway on her wedding. The organization loves making people smile with animal gifts.

This time, Miley Cyrus gets a piece of the action as PETA gifted the singer a pig named Nora on her birthday.

Scoring the perfect birthday gift is never easy, but in this case PETA knew just what the 20 year old needed.

That’s right folks! In celebration of her 20th birthday the organization sponsored a rescue pig to honor Miley Cyrus. They knew that a rescued pig is the perfect gift for the lovely young women who adores animals and encourages animal protection.

Nora was initially a resident at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, a farm in Ocala that provides refugee to abused and abandoned animals.

“Hanna Montana” was extremely grateful for her birthday gift as she tweeted “oh my pigggggyyyyy! She is so cute I can hardly stand ittttttt!!!!” “Thank you so much PETA for saving Nora in honor of my bday”


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