Looking to Go Green this Christmas! Here’s How

A while ago, we at Greenlichen had told you how to let your children have an eco friendly Halloween. This time around, its Christmas round the bend and we thought it would be nice to tell you how to jingle all your way towards sustainability.  If you love to decorate, you can make lovely eco-friendly decorations in your home that your family can admire.

The holidays are a time for peace on Earth and it would only do earth justice if we could celebrate it the eco-friendly way. Luckily, eco-conscious yuletide cheer looks just as festive as some of the traditional options, and there are lots of cool green products to choose from.  Take a look:

LED Candles

If you are planning to decorate your house with a lot of candles, buy LED candles instead of regular ones. This can keep your children away from asthma and such ailments and also would be a lesser danger for your home.

DIY wreath

Not all wreaths require cutting branches off trees. Sscraps of old fabric can be also used to make your own wreath.

Faux Cedar Centerpiece

We wouldn’t want you to cut down more trees for the sake of Christmas, would we?  We are sure Lord Almighty won’t mind a fake pine in your living room.

Recycled Cardboard Christmas tree

Using a recycled cardboard Christmas tree would be better idea this Christmas.

Recycled Aluminum Tree

There are much more ways you can celebrate you eco friendly Christmas. LED holiday lights are better than incandescent ones (they use less electricity, don’t burn out or break, last longer and save you money and energy).

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