Lightning Superbike Races at 189 mph at El Mirage: Fastest Ever Electric Bike

You already know about the land speed records set by lightning motorcycles in the past. In 2010, they managed to lay down a 173.388 mile-per-hour mark for electric motorcycles at the Bonneville Salt Flats. And, then they raised the stakes for the other competitors in 2011 with a 215.960 mph performance on that same stage.

Although in the past, Lightning Motorcycles has seen many victories, this was the first time the organization has raced at El Mirage to set a new world record.

And this time they came to the El mirage with the utmost determination to break the records set in the past.

And they got their wish granted when they managed to break the previous land speed records and set a 189 mph record while racing in a comparatively short 1.3 mile course track to the 5 mile stretch available at Bonneville.

The pioneer in electric motor sports, Lightning Motorcycles, set the new land speed record for electric motors over this weekend with their very own ‘The Lightning Superbike’.

What’s amazing is that the Lightning SuperBike managed to stay on top with a solar powered engine promoting an alternate source of fuel.

The Lightning SuperBike can be called the fastest electric motorcycle in the world, as it broke the previous record set at El Mirage Lake bed in the Mojave Desert with a speed of 189 mph.

It is powered by a DC Solar Solutions Solar Eclipse mobile power unit featuring Sunny Island inverters. The Sunny Island works as a battery-based inverter for off-grid and backup power applications, offering efficiency and reliability to the Electric Motorcycle.


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