Human Hair as Glamorous Accessories; Thank Nina Khazani for That

This may not be the first time you have seen people working with hair to create glamorous decorations! A real determined artist is needed to work with something as difficult as hair.  Nina Khazani is one. She makes it look easy, as she simply displaces hair onto a collar or shoe, creating surreal objects that make people wonder how.

You can’t ask for something better to recycle. Separated from the body, hair is at once familiar and alien. She purchases hers from India, as the people in India shave off their hair and offer them to temples as a Hindu tradition.

Nina Khazani is one who believes in evoking emotions in the onlookers by capturing that moment. You really need to be out there, thinking out of the box to bring these contemporary art forms to life.

She believes that hair inherits its own natural beauty and is the ultimate garment growing from within us.

Also, it stays as a part of our identity, helping us to differentiate ourselves as individuals. Through her work, Nina wishes to evoke emotions in people by capturing a moment of beauty and making it last longer than a glimpse of time.

She was encouraged to experiment with hair while at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in The Netherlands. There she received help to explore the non conventional methods of designing.

Apparently, creating art out of dead follicles has been a life long dream of Nina Khazani.  She is now working on projects involving different materials and themes, apart from working on hair.

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