Home is Where Your Heart Needs to Be! How About These?

Bored with the traditional structure you call your home? Then it is time to think out of the box. We have here for you a handful of innovative ideas that managed change unexpected structures into contemporary homes. May be, you could consider the idea of converting non residential structures into homes if you belong the adventurous lot. The broad range of unusual creations from grain silos to old fire towers has taken birth from imagination of a few extraordinary architects. Here they are, take a look.Airplane Homes 

We have told you about resorts made out of airplanes in the past. Just imagine your life in an airplane. Many have spent millions converting old 747s into post-modern homes. Such kind of luxury is a blessing.

Church Residences

A church has all the quality to be a home. As you know, when you walk into a  church you feel the warmth of a  welcome. Then why not try and transform that warmth into a daily affair by building living places out of such structures?

Boat Houses

Did you know you can lead an adventurous lifestyle while living in a boat? As sailors and travelers, and most of them would agree.  We have stumbled upon the story of an Ohio couple who salvaged the quarters of Benson Ford, a ship once owned by Henry Ford, and used it to ship cars across the Great Lakes, and found it worth a try.

Grain Silo Homes

Grain Silos can be turned into wonderful homes. They are very spacious and would go it waste if they were torn down after use. Many of the grain silos in the country side lie empty and are sold or torn down. Why not turn them into living spaces?

Shipping Containers

Redesigned shipping containers make for amazing homes. There are many out there too. People have been converting these boxes of steel into living spaces for long.  Architects and designers are grabbing the concept of using these in more modern ways.

Post Offices Houses

The US and many other regions in the world are witness to old post offices being refurbished into office spaces, restaurants, and art galleries.

There are more such innovations. Tell us what you think of these.

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